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We Are Women will be holding a huge and important rally Saturday September 13, 2014 in Washington D.C. in support of the Equal Rights Amendment.

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About We Are Woman:


Our vision is to be leaders in driving positive change to protect the rights of women and families, to contribute to reversing anti-woman legislation throughout the United States and ratify the ERA

Mission Statement
We Are Woman is a national advocacy group of individual community members and volunteer agencies coming together as a coalition to improve the rights of women and families by coordination of actions directed at specific anti-women groups, legislators, corporations and any other threat to the welfare of women and families,and to encourage and increase the number of activists supporting the equality of women.

Core Values
  • All citizens have the right to have equal access to healthcare
  • We are all created equal
  • We are successful through collaboration and coalitions working together
  • A genuine concern for individuals

What Makes Us Different?

  • We do not compete with other organizations
  • We facilitate success with joint programs and actions.
  • We have unifying capabilities, support and commitment from every member agency.
  • We have the respect of the community.
  • Other organizations rely on WAW to facilitate collaboration, action and convene stakeholders around the issues to work towards resolution.
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