Bag Wig McDonnell – The F Word: A Punk Feminist Party – May 13, 2015 in Oakland, CA

 The F Word: A Punk Feminist Party with Alice Bag, Frightwig, and Evelyn McDonnell  

The psych-thrash band Frightwig said it years ago: Wild Women Never Die. Two pioneering feminist punk acts – L.A.’s Alice Bag and the Bay Area’s Frightwig — will play together for the first time ever at Oakland’s Studio Grand on Wednesday, May 13th. They will be joined by writer Evelyn McDonnell, biographer of another legendary all-girl Californian band, the Runaways, for a night of literature and music celebrating “The F Word.”

DOORS: 7:30 PM

Tickets: $5-$15 Gen

No one turned away for lack of funds


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Legendary San Francisco punk band Frightwig are the latest Faith No More support act. At The Warfield 20th April.

Legendary San Francisco punk band Frightwig are the latest Faith No More support act. At The Warfield 20th April.

Frightwig are a favourite of Roddy Bottum and Imperial Teen and once included former Faith. No Man singer Paula Frazer.

“I saw the first Frightwig show and was so impressed and inspired, I made it a point to never miss another. In all its incarnations, Frightwig WAS the San Francisco music scene. Their sheer intensity horrified and inspired a whole breed of musicians. Bands like Flipper and The Dead Kennedys were threatened by their talent, and because they weren’t so into playing with boys or keyboards at the time I had no choice but to settle for playing with Faith No More.” – Roddy


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Frightwig is touring the East coast in September with Jane Lee Hooker!

Mon 9/8 – Brooklyn, NY – The Knitting Factory
Tues 9/9 – Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
Weds 9/10 – Long Branch, NJ – The Brighton Bar
Fri 9/12 – Baltimore, MD – The Sidebar
Sat 9/13 – Wash DC – We Are Women Constitution Day Rally,
West Lawn, Capitol Building

Haven’t heard of Frightwig? Here is their Herstory:

Birthed in 1982 by Deanna Mitchell and Mia d’Bruzzi, Frightwig invented the template for the Riot-grrl phenomenon that followed over a decade later. Funny, funky and furious, Frightwig produced the full-length albums Cat Farm Faboo (Subterranean Records 1984) and Faster Frightwig Kill Kill (Caroline Records 1986), as well as the EP Phone Sexy (Boner Records 1988). The first two LPs were re-released as the double album Wild Women Never Die… (Southern Records 1994).
Frightwig has widely been credited as one of the most original, intense and fearless feminist bands by musicians, critics and fans alike.

After taking a hiatus from live performance, Frightwig has now returned with a vengeance to the center stage. Presenting an all-star line-up which features founding members Deanna Mitchell (the Mouthiest Woman Alive) on bass, “they broke the mold” Mia d’Bruzzi on guitar and secret weapon “Saint” Cecilia Kuhn on drums. Frightwig has taken a man into the fold, this is the legendary Eric Drew Feldman who has recorded, performed, produced and toured with Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger, Frank Black, Pere Ubu, PJ Harvey and Knife & Fork amongst others. Frightwig has never sounded better.

Check out Frightwig’s new video “War On Women” on YouTube, released July 2014. Which will be available as a self-released vinyl 7” along with the new song “Hear What I Say,” and will be distributed by MRI Entertainment on 9/16/2014

Poster Wig JLH East Coast-2014 for web email 8.3.14

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Stranger Recommended – Up & Coming Frightwig, It’s Ok!, Deep Creep

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.39.39 AMWhen Frightwig first entered my consciousness in the mid ’80s, they struck me as a female Butthole Surfers—which is a fine thing to be struck by. The San Francisco band’s 1984 debut album, Cat Farm Faboo, flared into rude action with a feral, blown-out blues-rock that flashed plenty of middle fingers to decorum and male chauvinism. Faster, Frightwig: Kill!! Kill!! built upon the band’s bravura rock insubordination, and the Russ Meyer allusion reinforced their badass attitude. Frightwig reformed in 2012 after an 18-year hiatus, and the current lineup features Deanna Mitchell, Mia d’Bruzzi, Cecilia Kuhn, Rebecca Sevrin, and… former Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band/Residents/Pere Ubu member Eric Drew Feldman. Very interesting. Go and let Frightwig get your panties into a righteous twist. DAVE SEGAL – Seattle Stranger

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Frightwig are currently booking shows in Eugene, Ore., Portland, Ore., Seattle, WA., and Vancouver, B.C., we are interested in working with you!

Please contact us at


With the world teetering towards further chaos, it is the perfect time for the original muse of riot grrl to return in all their loud, proud, pioneering-punk rock glory.

Frightwig! The band that influenced and opened international doors for everyone from L7 to Bikini Kill, are back!

Frightwig! The band who have played with the crème de la crème of alternative bands from the Butthole Surfers to The Jesus and Mary Chain to Redd Kross to Sonic Youth, are back!

Frightwig! The band who told you it was a “Crazy World” we live in, who made clear they knew that “A Man’s Gotta Do What A Man’s Gotta Do” and who roared at you that “My Crotch Does Not Say ‘Go’” are back!

Frightwig are releasing two new songs, a 45 record of “Hear What I Say” and “War on Women”. These powerhouse songs are needed for this day in time. Rise Up!

Frightwig released an EP titled ‘Hit Return’ in December 2013, which contains four previously recorded favorites plus one new tune, “Crawford’s Song”.

Frightwig’s line-up consists of Deanna Mitchell on bass & vocals, Mia d’Bruzzi on guitar & vocals, Cecilia Kuhn on drums, vocals. Plus the addition of keyboardist (and producer) Eric Drew Feldman, whose work with Captain Beefheart, PJ Harvey, The Pixies and Frank Black, makes him a boy worth letting in!

Also visit us at: and Follow us on Twitter @frightwigdeanna and @cfrightwig

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